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At DT Tyres in Lisburn we’ve got a superb selection of new tyres, including budget, mid-range and premium tyres from all the top brands. All makes and models are covered with our range, and our experienced tyre fitters will make sure you’re safe on the road.

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Davanti Tyre Life Guarantee

Available from DT Tyre Centre, Moira Road, Lisburn

Lead the way with Davanti Tyres at DT Tyres

Davanti Tyre Life Guarantee

DT Tyres in Lisburn will replace any Davanti tyre that is found to be defective due to the manufacturing process or materials used. Any tyre with unrepairable damage that results from normal road use will also be replaced. So if you hit a pot hole or have a puncture that can’t be repaired get a new or discounted tyre on us!

To make a claim against your Davanti guarantee, return the tyre to DT Tyres if we sold and fitted it. We will replace the tyre at a discounted price based on the amount of tyre tread remaining according

to this scale:

The Davanti guarantee covers material or manufacturing defects and irreparable damage caused by normal road use. It excludes damage caused by:

  • Mechanical default in the vehicle

  • Use of unsuitable wheels

  • Not maintaining correct tyre pressures

  • Carrying or towing loads in excess of vehicle specifications

  • Improper or prolonged use of snow chains

  • Competition use

  • Removal of wheel or poor fitting of the tyre

  • Acts of God, fire, vandalism or theft

  • Road traffic accident damage or ensuing problems

  • Use of tyre that doesn’t match vehicle specification

  • Prolonged contact with acids, solvents or oils

Lead the way with Davanti Tyres

Davanti Tyre Life Guarantee

For more information about your Davanti tyre guarantee get in touch with DT Tyres in Lisburn, Our team will be more than happy to help.  

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