DT Tyres - Car & Motorcycle Tyre Centre, Moira Road, Lisburn, Co.Antrim

At DT Tyres in Lisburn we’ve got a superb selection of new tyres, including budget, mid-range and premium tyres from all the top brands. All makes and models are covered with our range, and our experienced tyre fitters will make sure you’re safe on the road.

DT Tyre - Tyre Centre
270 Moira Road
Lisburn, BT28 2TU
Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland

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Available from DT Tyre Centre, Moira Road, Lisburn

Batteries for all types of vehicles

Car battery checks and replacements

At DT Tyres in Lisburn we also stock a wide range of batteries for cars, vans, light commercials and motorcycles. If you’re unsure if yours needs replacing, then we will carry out a diagnostic test on the battery and charging system to find out.

Batteries for all vehicles

•  Car batteries

•  Vans and light commercials

•  Motorcycle batteries

•  Battery supply

•  Battery replacement

For all of our services, whether it’s new tyres, tyre repairs or a new battery, you can get a free quote. Visit our garage / tyre centre on the Moira Road, Lisburn or call us today!

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